1: Discover the shocking scandals that rocked NCIS to its core. From corruption to cover-ups, these incidents will leave you in disbelief.

2: Number 10: The disappearance of Agent Caitlin Todd. Her mysterious fate still haunts the team to this day.

3: Number 9: Director Vance's secret past comes to light, threatening his career and the integrity of NCIS.

4: Number 8: Agent Gibbs' questionable tactics lead to an internal investigation and strained relationships within the team.

5: Number 7: The betrayal of Agent DiNozzo's undercover informant puts lives at risk and raises suspicions within the agency.

6: Number 6: The tragic death of Agent Kate Todd sparks a chain of events that rock the foundation of NCIS.

7: Number 5: The rogue actions of Agent McGee jeopardize a high-stakes operation and put his colleagues in danger.

8: Number 4: Director Shepard's hidden motives and personal vendettas threaten to tear NCIS apart from the inside.

9: Number 3: The shocking revelation of Agent Ziva David's true identity sends shockwaves through the team and puts their loyalty to the test.