1: The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira prepare for a romantic Rickmichonne spinoff by binging Bridgerton.

2: Lincoln and Gurira immerse themselves in the world of Bridgerton to get into the right mindset for the new spinoff.

3: The chemistry between Lincoln and Gurira on The Walking Dead sets the stage for a passionate Rickmichonne storyline.

4: Fans are eager to see the beloved characters of Rick and Michonne explore their romantic connection in the new spinoff.

5: Lincoln and Gurira's dedication to their roles shines through as they delve into the world of Bridgerton for inspiration.

6: The Walking Dead fans are in for a treat as Rick and Michonne's relationship takes center stage in the upcoming spinoff.

7: Lincoln and Gurira's on-screen chemistry is undeniable, making them the perfect pair to lead the Rickmichonne spinoff.

8: Bridgerton's romantic storyline serves as the perfect inspiration for Lincoln and Gurira as they prepare for their new roles.

9: Get ready to see Rick and Michonne like never before in the upcoming spinoff, fueled by Lincoln and Gurira's preparation.