1: Torch belly fat with these 8 exercises. Start with planks and burpees to engage your core.

2: Sculpt your abs with bicycle crunches and Russian twists. Aim for 3 sets of 15 reps.

3: Incorporate mountain climbers and leg raises to target lower belly fat. Stay consistent for results.

4: High-intensity interval training helps burn fat faster. Try sprint intervals or jumping jacks.

5: Strengthen your core with side planks and reverse crunches. Mix up your routine for best results.

6: Consistent cardio, such as running or cycling, helps burn overall body fat. Keep moving to see progress.

7: A balanced diet is key to losing belly fat. Focus on whole foods and limit sugary treats.

8: Stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep to support fat loss. Listen to your body's needs.

9: Combine these exercises with a healthy lifestyle for a slimmer waistline. Stay motivated and keep pushing yourself.