1: Simone Biles, Olympic gymnast, switches from Nike to Athleta for a partnership centered on empowering women.

2: Athleta, a female-focused brand, supports Biles' commitment to inclusivity and promoting women's well-being.

3: The move signifies Biles' advocacy for women's empowerment and aligns with Athleta's values.

4: Biles chose Athleta for its dedication to female athletes' success and representation in sports.

5: Athleta's mission to support women's health and confidence resonates with Biles' values and goals.

6: Biles' partnership with Athleta emphasizes the importance of empowering women in sports and beyond.

7: Athleta offers Biles a platform to advocate for diversity, inclusion, and women's leadership.

8: Biles' collaboration with Athleta amplifies her voice in promoting female empowerment and equality.

9: Biles' decision to partner with Athleta reflects her commitment to championing women's rights and opportunities in athletics.