1: Alden Parker's Lily Hallucination shakes things up for NCIS Season 22.

2: Fans speculate on the significance of Lily’s appearance in Alden’s mind.

3: The eerie connection between Alden and Lily has viewers buzzing.

4: Will Lily's presence lead to a shocking plot twist in NCIS Season 22?

5: The mystery deepens as Lily's hallucination raises questions about Alden's past.

6: NCIS fans are eager to uncover the truth behind Lily's haunting presence.

7: Alden’s Lily hallucination adds a new layer of intrigue to Season 22.

8: Speculation runs rampant as viewers analyze the implications of Lily's appearance.

9: Stay tuned as NCIS Season 22 unfolds the secrets behind Alden Parker's Lily Hallucination.