1: Meredith Grey's family tree begins with her mother, Ellis Grey, a renowned surgeon.

2: Ellis's husband, Thatcher Grey, is Meredith's father, but their relationship was strained.

3: Meredith's half-sister, Lexie Grey, also became a doctor at Seattle Grace Hospital.

4: Thatcher remarried to Susan Grey, who became a stepmother to Meredith and Lexie.

5: Meredith's close relationship with her best friend, Cristina Yang, became like family.

6: Meredith's adoptive sister, Maggie Pierce, joined the family as another sister.

7: Derek Shepherd, Meredith's husband, played a significant role in her family dynamics.

8: Meredith's children, Zola, Bailey, and Ellis, are the newest additions to her family tree.

9: Despite the ups and downs, Meredith Grey's family remains a core part of her journey.