1: Make tasty hummus with kids using chickpeas, lemon, and garlic. Blend ingredients and serve with veggies for a healthy snack.

2: Create colorful Greek salad skewers with cucumbers, tomatoes, and feta cheese. Let kids assemble and enjoy this refreshing treat.

3: Whip up easy tzatziki sauce with yogurt, cucumbers, and dill. Kids can dip pita bread or veggies for a delicious snack.

4: Bake mini spanakopita triangles with spinach and feta cheese. Let kids help fold the phyllo dough for a fun cooking activity.

5: Try making simple falafel bites with chickpeas and herbs. Serve with pita bread and tahini sauce for a tasty meal.

6: Craft fruit kabobs with melon, strawberries, and grapes. Kids will love arranging the colorful fruits on skewers for a sweet treat.

7: Assemble pita pocket sandwiches with hummus, veggies, and grilled chicken. Let kids fill their own pockets for a customizable meal.

8: Make easy Greek yogurt parfaits with granola and honey. Kids can layer ingredients for a nutritious and delicious snack.

9: Cook vegetable stuffed grape leaves with rice and herbs. Kids can help roll the leaves for a fun and flavorful Mediterranean dish.