1: 1. Michael Weatherly hints at possible Tony/Ziva spinoff. 2. Fans excited about the potential new show. 3. The dynamic duo may return to our screens.

2: 4. Weatherly and de Pablo's chemistry is undeniable. 5. Are Tony and Ziva still meant to be? 6. The spinoff could explore their complicated relationship.

3: 7. What surprises does Weatherly have in store for fans? 8. Will the spinoff address Tony and Ziva's unresolved feelings? 9. Excitement builds for a possible reunion.

4: 10. Weatherly teases potential storylines for the spinoff. 11. Will the show explore Tony and Ziva's future together? 12. Fans clamor for more details about the new series.

5: 13. Weatherly hints at a possible Tony/Ziva reunion. 14. The spinoff could answer lingering questions about their relationship. 15. Fans eagerly await news about the show's development.

6: 16. Weatherly shares insights into the Tony/Ziva spinoff. 17. Will the show pick up where NCIS left off? 18. The spinoff promises to be a must-watch for fans.

7: 19. Weatherly reveals surprises in store for Tony and Ziva. 20. The spinoff could delve deeper into their romantic connection. 21. Fans speculate about what the new series will bring.

8: 22. Weatherly hints at a possible Tony/Ziva wedding. 23. The spinoff may explore their future together. 24. Fans anticipate the return of their favorite duo.

9: 25. Weatherly teases exciting developments for Tony and Ziva. 26. Will the spinoff finally give fans the closure they've been waiting for? 27. Stay tuned for updates on the new series.