1: Achieve a slim waist with plank exercises to strengthen your core and define your abs.

2: Try Russian twists to target obliques and improve balance for a whittled waist.

3: Burn calories and tone your midsection with bicycle crunches for a sleeker silhouette.

4: Incorporate mountain climbers for a full-body workout that sheds inches off your waistline.

5: Enhance core strength and decrease belly fat with flutter kicks for a slimmer waistline.

6: Engage your core muscles with leg lifts to sculpt a leaner waist and toned lower abs.

7: Sculpt a slim waistline with side plank dips for a stronger core and defined obliques.

8: Shape your waist with hip twists to target love handles and streamline your silhouette.

9: Slim down and tone up with a combination of these exercises for a fit and trim waist in just 30 days.