1: Introducing Lemon Pepper Chicken Juicy chicken breasts seasoned to perfection with lemon and pepper in just 12 minutes.

2: Simple Ingredients All you need is chicken breasts, lemon pepper seasoning, olive oil, and a skillet.

3: Prep Time Marinate chicken in lemon pepper seasoning for 5 minutes while heating skillet.

4: Cooking Process Sear chicken on both sides for 6 minutes each until golden brown and cooked through.

5: Serving Suggestions Pair with a side salad, rice, or vegetables for a complete meal.

6: Flavorful Dish Enjoy the citrusy and zesty taste of Lemon Pepper Chicken in every bite.

7: Healthy Option Low in calories and high in protein, perfect for a quick and nutritious meal.

8: Versatile Recipe Easily customize by adding herbs or spices to suit your taste preferences.

9: Satisfying Meal Indulge in this quick and easy Lemon Pepper Chicken recipe any day of the week.