1: Schnitzel A crispy breaded cutlet that's quick to make and full of flavor.

2: Bratwurst Savory grilled sausage perfect for a fast and hearty meal.

3: Spätzle Homemade German noodles that pair well with any dish.

4: Currywurst A popular street food dish featuring curry ketchup and sausage.

5: Kartoffelsalat A tangy potato salad that's a staple at any German gathering.

6: Rouladen Thinly sliced beef wrapped around a filling of pickles and mustard.

7: Käsespätzle A cheesy and comforting dish made with egg noodles.

8: Goulash A hearty stew of beef, vegetables, and spices.

9: Apfelstrudel A delicious apple dessert wrapped in flaky pastry, perfect for a sweet ending to any meal.